Click, watch and read, why and how the kids in our progra​ms have so much fun learning.

Warning: the following content may make you smile. After all, the children in our life-changing programs are laughing and joyful for a very good reason...




Educate Children to Stay Healthy

​By supporting our education-based programs, you are helping children learn about the harmful diseases that affect their community and ways to prevent them, in a way they understand.



Right To Play: A Short Film

​This version of director Frank Marshall's documentary for ESPN Films, highlights our work​.



Learning to Love School

Play isn’t just fun and games. It’s helping students in disadvantaged communities stay engaged and perform confidently in school!



Allyson Felix Visits Mozambique

In October 2015, American sprinter and Athlete Ambassador Allyson Felix visited Mozambique, where she witnessed the impact that play brings to children in our educational programs.



PLAY in B.C.

​With support from Microsoft, we are working with 24 First Nation communities and organizations throughout British Columbia, Canada, to empower Indigenous youth!



Pakistan: Playing for a Brighter Future

In this documentary, discover our programs in Pakistan and how they are changing children's lives through play.



Coach Pontien: Finding peace after genocide

Pontien Ugirumuera was only 14 years old when his father, sister and brother were killed in the Rwandan genocide. Learn how becoming a Right To Play Coach helped him find a peace that he can share.



Play-Based Learning for Refugees in Lebanon

In 2014-2015, Right To Play and Concern Worldwide collaborated on a project to support Syrian and Lebanese teachers and youth in Akkar, North Lebanon--an area that witnessed one of the largest influxes of Syrian refugees.



Make Play a Reality

Celebrate teamwork, rejoice in unity and cherish the joy that comes through sport and play!



Right To Play PSA

"A child that does not play is like a drum that does not sound." Discover how sport and play changes lives...​​​​​​