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Covid Greetings


Komla in Ghana loves showing off his new moves to friends when he is practicing social distancing. What will be your favourite move?

Right To Play Trainer, Farzana in Pakistan, plays this fun game with her son, Aariz, and daughter, Haaniyah, as they come up new ways of greeting one another without touching.

  • Ages: Suitable for all ages
  • Number of players: Two or more
  • Goal of the game: Learn how to greet one another without touching in order to prevent the transmission of diseases.
  • What you need: Nothing

How to Play

  1. Each player comes up with a new way to greet someone that doesn't involve touching. Each greeting should have a sound and a gesture.
  2. One player does their greeting and then the others do it back, until everyone has shown off their greetings.
  3. Come up with greetings where people do not touch one another (e.g. to say goodbye) and make up gestures and sounds you can do instead.


  • Why is it important not to touch one another while greetings?
  • Which greetings did you like the most and why?