When was the last time you played? As kids, many of us played every day, exploring the world, connecting with others, exercising our bodies, minds, and creativity. Play opened up a world of possibilities. That’s why we’re excited to champion every child’s right to play on the first ever International Day of Play on June 11th. It’s time to put play back on the global agenda. Let’s start by putting it back on yours! Sign our pledge and tell us how you’ll add play to your day on June 11th.

Tell us how you’ll play


Play is how children understand the world, how they articulate their hopes and dreams, how they learn to communicate and interact with others, and how they develop and grow into adulthood. Play comes naturally to every child – but not all children have equal opportunities to play. A lack of safe spaces and time to play and a perception by parents, caregivers, and teachers that play is not important means that many children don’t experience the wonder and opportunity play brings. As more and more children grapple with conflict, crisis, and learning loss, the need to protect play is more urgent than ever. Twenty-five years of experience has shown us that play is one of the most effective ways children learn, heal from trauma, and build skills to meet life’s challenges.

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It’s a small ask with a big impact. Tell us how you’ll add play to your day on June 11th.  It could be as simple as making a bit of extra time to make art, play a board game, take your kids to the park, or go for a run. The important thing is showing the world that play matters.

Sign the pledge to play and you’ll get tons more play inspiration for June 11th. Get ready to rediscover the joy, freedom, and relaxation play brings. You’ll also bring us one step closer to a world where every child can reach their full potential, with time, space, and access to play. Let’s play!

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