Julienne learned to stand up for the rights of girls in a Right To Play Leadership Club. She’s one of more than 1.9 million children that Right To Play reaches each week.

You might have noticed something a little different about Right To Play recently. That’s right, we have a brand new website, a new logo and a whole new look! It’s a new way to share the stories of the amazing children we work with and the incredible challenges that they are rising above.

They are living in some of the toughest places on earth – refugee camps, remote communities and impoverished rural societies. They are facing problems no child should have to: child marriage, child labor and poverty. But they are refusing to accept that these are the only options for their future.

Girls and boys are rising and mustering their determination, courage and hope to pursue their educations and challenge social norms. They are creating a better future for themselves, using skills and lessons that they learn in Right To Play programs inside and outside the classroom. Our new look is part of conveying the urgency and importance of supporting these children to the broader public. They are rising above adversity, and we need to support them as they do. Together, we can protect, educate and empower every child.

Our logo has changed to become a reminder of the “little boy with long sleeves” who inspired our founder, Johann Olav Koss, to start Right To Play. It represents that young boy’s shirt, rolled up to become a ball so that he and his friends could play with one another in the midst of a war-torn and impoverished country. His resourcefulness and determination showed Koss that children can and will find a way to play, to learn and to overcome, and what they needed was a movement of people who could support them as they did. That movement is Right To Play.

Our new logo recognizes the resilience and determination of the young Eritrean boy who inspired Right To Play’s founding.

Children in our programs are given the tools and skills they need to create opportunity where often there is none. Through all forms of play, they discover their own power, learn to believe in themselves and realize their possibilities. Right To Play unlocks their potential and empowers them to rise above poverty, war and disease, helping them to dismantle cultural, economic and gender barriers in their communities. We teach girls and boys to protect themselves from illness, early marriage and exploitation. We ignite their love of learning and improve the quality of education they receive. And finally, we empower them to change their own lives, the lives of their families and their communities for the better.

In the coming months, you’ll have the chance to learn more about the incredible stories of young people around the world.