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Sasha Gollish

High Performance Runner

Sasha Gollish, a high-performance runner, a coach, and engineer embodies play in everything she does in life. Sasha traverses the intersection of athleticism, coaching, and community engagement. On the roads, her tenacious spirit shines as she competes in marathons, embodying the essence of Team Canada with unwavering determination. As a coach, Sasha delves into the FUNdamentals, empowering athletes to find joy in their pursuits.

In her role as Director of Community Engagement and Knowledge Translation, she leads a transformative initiative, bridging the worlds of sport and research. Here, Sasha's passion for knowledge transfer and community involvement takes center stage, as she champions empowering youth through sports and play. Through running, coaching, and community engagement, Sasha Gollish exemplifies a holistic commitment to excellence, teamwork, and the transformative power of play.