Helping children rise since 2007

Pakistan is now the 5th most populous country in the world with a population of 207 million – of which 55 per cent are under the age of 25.

Many face challenges in accessing quality education, experience entrenched gender inequality and confront other threats like child labor. In some areas, restrictive norms such as child marriage threaten girls’ health and safety and limit their access to schools, extra-curricular activities and career development, deepening the gender divide.

Right To Play Pakistan is expanding its efforts across the country, enhancing the quality of education, bolstering child protection and promoting gender equality. To date, our programs have helped cultivate over 3,000 Junior Leaders, aged 8-13 – mostly girls who not only empower themselves, but also act as inspiring role models for others.

  • Program Priorities

    Quality Education

    Gender Equality

  • Our Reach

    Children Reached: 254,544

    Teachers Trained: 1,009

  • Stopping violence

    Peer violence against girls, a challenge in many schools in Pakistan, was reduced by 56% through Right To Play programs.